The Process

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The Consultation

We connect over the phone, in person, or Skype and go over the basic outline. This is the initial data gathering meeting. The goal is to make sure it's a good fit and to understand the players in the soon-to-be adventure! After the initial call, I send over an in depth survey to further learn about the scope of the adventure. Once the survey is filled out, I’ll send over the agreement and we’re locked in!

The Planning

I’ll arrive in the area 1-2 weeks in advance to walk the routes and build the adventure. If needed, I’ll occasionally intercept the player days in advance to hand off a teaser envelope. The entire day is designed down to the minute. Before your target picks up the very first clue, I can tell you where he/she should be 3 hours and 45 minutes later. I provide/create props, hire agents, research locations, design riddles/clues, work and rework details. If needed, I run through the adventure in advance to make sure small details are not missed. 

The Big Day

My team will run the behind the scenes. We’ll plant the clues and play the roles. I’ll direct agents and coordinate with the participating businesses and make sure the participants have an incredible experience. Immersion is the number one goal. Since we run the adventure you are free to be a participant, be an inside man/woman, or watch the magic unfold from a distance! 

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The adventure is custom made to your player's personality. Tell me about them, the occasion, and if you have a specific end goal in mind. You can fill out the form below, or shoot me an email

Contact me and talk about your occasion and about the person or group you want us to make an adventure for. 

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I offer completely built custom adventures or consultation to assist you in building your own.