Everyone deserves a surprise they won’t ever forget. 

But where do they start?  Doing something crazy and out of the box can be daunting if you consider yourself the non creative type. But never fear. My goal is to not only inspire you to break outside your comfort zone, but to give you the formula to make someone’s day truly special. 

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A little about me:

For years I’ve been building adventures professionally.  People hire me for the over the top surprise parties, crazy team builders, or the epic proposals. Throughout my life, I’ve hidden 97 treasure chests, Wax sealed thousands of envelopes, kidnapped 3 people, I was the leader of a hidden order of light, I’ve been a secret agent multiple times, I’ve died twice, and I always sign everything as “The Architect.” 

Here is where I tell you how to do it all. Every week I'll send out another post!  Some will highlight various methods we use, others will be completely packaged “Adventure Formulas” that you can plug in yourself! Each one will have a call to action. If you ever fancy, you can check out my other blog where I detail fun previous adventures I’ve run!


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