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Not all adventures need to have riddles, clues, twists, and turns. Sometimes people just need a team in the background making sure the road is paved for the perfect day. 

John reached out to us to help him plan the perfect date. Valentine's day was the 1 year anniversary of the day he proposed to his fiancé and he wanted to do something really special.

Two weeks prior: The interview

We got together with John a few weeks in advance for a filmed, sit-down interview. I started by asking him basic questions like how they met, first date, how he proposed, etc. I then delved into some more specifics. I asked him about the little things she does that make him feel loved. I also asked him what he appreciates about her. After 1-2 hours, we had our footage.

We edited the video until we had a series of 1 minute video clips. Throughout the day, at certain intervals, John’s finance would receive a video. The first videos started with how they met and as the clips continued, the subject got more intimate.

Here is an example of one of those clips:

The Adventure Begins…

12:30 pm - The Picnic

This adventure wasn’t shrouded in the same secrecy as the others. John’s finance knew something was going to happen (it’s Valentine’s Day after all). She just didn’t know what the day had in store.

John drove her to this cute little park nearby. There were beautiful, tall, skinny trees and delightfully soft grass (it’s surprisingly hard to find soft grass, or really any grass for that matter in Arizona). They parked and followed the signs pinned to the trees. The signs read:

From the first day - I met you - I knew that - you were special - Now I know - that you and I - will spend - The rest of our - lives together - I love you.

After the last sign, they came upon a picnic laid out for the both of them. There was a soft blanket with a picnic basket containing all their favorite snacks, orange juice and champagne, salad with chopped fruit and a pear vinaigrette, and then chocolate covered strawberries. There was also a little book of questions for them if they wanted to pepper them into the conversation.

At the tail end of the picnic, a musician showed up and serenaded them both. He handed them a wax-sealed envelope with a note that read "We're just getting started." It also contained a Dave & Busters gift card packed with credits for the games. 

1:45 - Dave & Busters


During the initial phone call, John let us know that he and his fiancé loved light competition. We both agreed that D&B would be the perfect next location to liven up the date after a relaxing lunch with live music.

They arrived at D&B. We had someone waiting to pick up their car and park it. While they enjoyed their competition (and they love their competition), we had someone making sure they never needed a drink. We’d worked out a signal with John to bring something when needed and otherwise stay out of the way. When John left briefly to use the restroom, she got another video. Each video built upon the previous one.

When they were wrapping up, we brought the car around and the two headed home to continue the perfect date.

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3:15pm - The massage

Once they arrived home, the living room had been completely cleared out. Instead of the usual furniture, there were two massage tables adorned with red sheets. Standing by them were two fabulous massage therapists. They had a 1 hour couples massage from the comfort of their home. Then they got ready and headed to dinner.



6:00pm - Dinner

There is a wonderful little Restaurant in North Phoenix called La Bocca. This place was their dinner spot right before John proposed one year before the date. The team at La Bocca was overjoyed to participate in this perfect date. Once John and his fiancé arrived, we took their car home, they walked inside, and were ushered to the exact same booth they sat at one year ago. The couple was then informed that everything had already been paid for and to order what they like. They wined and dined and when they were ready, we had a car waiting for them.

7:30 pm - The Finale.


They were driven back to their house, conversing about the day. Exactly 1 minute and fifteen seconds before they arrived home, John's fiancé got the last video clip. It was the final in the series of ten that were sent through out the day. This video was of John talking about when he proposed, how it had been a bit rushed, and when he was asked what he would say if he could do it all over again, it faded to black.

The car stopped, they got out, and walked into the house to this:

Votive candles lit all over the house, music playing in the background (the same songs that were serenaded at the park), and their wedding symbol laid out in rose petals matching their wedding colors.

They walked in, John got down on one knee, and proposed all over again.

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