The client reached out to us immediately after everything exploded on reddit. Her boyfriend (our target) was a professional poker player who placed very high in the World Series of Poker Main event some time ago (I remember watching him on TV) and she wanted to do something special for his birthday.

So we turned him into a secret agent.

12:30 - The Drop

It started similar to most adventures. A knock at the door and a box on the doorstep. This box was a sleek black and metal briefcase. Inside the case was an envelope, A deck of cards, a black cryptex, and a nerf gun that had been refitted and painted to look a little more badass.

The envelope simply addressed to “The professional".

Inside the envelope were his instructions.

12:45 - The first location.

The initial envelope laid our the story. There was super villain (Played by his best friend and fellow pro poker player) who was using his money to fund terrorist cells. The professional was the only one who had the skill set to stop him. But first he had to complete the training before he’d get the location to the villain, who was codenamed “caveman” (his best friend’s nickname).

This first location was at a nearby park. There he found another envelope with the way to decode all encrypted messages. For this adventure, we used pigpen. It is a very simply encryption method where letters are replaced by dots and lines. This sent him north.

1:15 - The great white tents

At this second location, He was instructed to look beneath an orange table for his next clue. Sitting atop the table was a bag with his all time favorite meal Postino, a local restaurant in the phoenix area.

1:45 - The hole in the rock

The clue sent our target on a bit of a hike. There is a local hiking area called the hole in the rock where (you guessed it) you hike up a small trail and then sit/stand in a large area that looks dug out of the side of a massive rock and enjoy the view. Our target was instructed to enjoy the view and await instructions. Once there, another agent stood next to him, slipped him another envelope, told him to count to 60 before turning around, and wished him luck.

2:15 - Oldtown scottsdale

It was now time for our target to head up to Old Town Scottsdale. Amongst all the art and sculptures,  we had a series of envelopes hidden away. Once he discovered each envelope, It was time for the maze

3:15 - The Mirror Maze

The Odezea Mirror Maze is a location we love to use. The mirror maze is such a fun change of pace.  Our target was instructed to find the agent within the maze. Halfway through, one of our agents asked,

“are you the professional?”


“I was instructed to give you this.”

He was handed another envelope with a library book number.

4:15 - The Library

Inside the book was another envelope tying in his original deck of cards. The book itself was “The beginners guide to poker” (The target’s girlfriend requested we get a few digs in).  He was instructed to put the deck of cards in the order seen on pages 11-13.  Once the cards were put in the correct order, TRUTH was spelled out on the side of the deck. When input into the cryptex, it opened to reveal a scrap of paper and an address.


5:30 - The game

Our target opens the door. There sits the arch villain in a suit, shuffling chips, Run the Jewels is blasting through the room (It’s the music he listens to when he’s in the zone at a tournament). The dealer motions for him to sit. They exchange some tense pleasantries, then the hand is dealt.

The professional is dealt AK spades.  He leads out the betting. The villain calls.  Flop comes 10 spades, 2 spades, Queen spades. The villain leads out, the professional raises, the villain calls. Turn comes Queen of hearts. Villain checks. Hero checks. Final card is the Jack of Spades.

The Professional bets out, Villain raises.  Professional pushes all in. Villain calls and flips over pocket queens making four of a kind. The professional flips of AK suited.  

Royal Flush.

The villain slams his fists down on the table and reaches into his jacket pocket. Immediately, the dealer pulls a gun from under the table, points it at the villain and says “not so fast. The money has been transferred from your account. Do. Not. Move.

He then instructed the Professional to follow him out the door. The professional did take the opportunity to shoot the villain once in the shoulder. Who wouldn’t?

Once they reached the car, there was a large, fully automatic Nerf Gun waiting in the front seat. “The agency file we have on you mentioned it was your birthday” the Agent said. “ Happy birthday”.

They got in the car and the agent proceeded to drive the professional back to the agency for debriefing.

Then he got a text message.

6:30 - The Rescue

“If you ever want to see your precious girlfriend again, give me my money”

This was accompanied by a picture of his fearful girlfriend.

“I know where she is” said the professional.  They headed to the villain’s house.

Upon arrival, there was a standoff at the front door.

“Give me my money or she’s dead!” Yelled the villain.

That’s all it took. The professional and the agent burst through the door and took cover behind an overturned table. At the very same moment, his girlfriend elbowed the villain, jumped away, and the darts flew. The villain fell the the ground, KIA. That didn’t stop the professional from continuously shooting him until his fully automatic NERF gun was empty.

7:30 - The debriefing/surprise party

The agent said he’d clean up the mess there and the professional should return to his home and change before he was to be debriefed at headquarters. He was then given an address to this sweet little speakeasy/dive bar called “The Little Woody.” There is no signage and the only entrance is around back.

Sidebar: One constant in all of our adventures is the use of a GPS tracker. This is the kind of thing people purchase when they want to find out if their spouse is cheating on them. We don't have any marital issues here at Constructed Adventures, so the GPS tracker serves a very different purpose. It helps up know where the target is at all time so we can ensure the adventure stays on track. This is also great for surprise parties. It takes away the guessing game. We knew when he was on his way, when we was 1 minute away, and when we was walking into the door.

Anyway, the professional walked through the door, the surprise went off, and he was debriefed with drinks and cake.