Top 3 female fundraisers get to slap The Architect’s closest friends and family in the face!

nick slap.jpg

Nick Martus

Nick is flying all the way from Seattle just to get slapped again. Last year he almost lost his nose because of poor accuracy. This year he’s anticipating a perfect strike.


  • 6’4” - slightly harder to reach.

  • Strong, smooth, manly jaw - great contour for slapping.

  • Will 100% talk trash to you right before you slap him in his stupid face.


Alex Waters

Alex is the Architect’s illustrious twin brother (Not joking). Last year he got the absolute soul slapped out of him. I could hear the collective “OOOOOHHHH” from the crowd when he got slapped all the way from the secret finish line. This year he’s coming down from LA for round two.


  • 6’0” - perfect slapping height.

  • Grew a big beard to guard his face after last year.

  • Loves drawing, long walks on the beach, clichés, and getting slapped in his stupid face.


Adam Jimenez

Adam got off easy last year. Truth be told the slapper felt bad. But Adam is a Mets fan. This means his whole life is basically one big slap in the face. Let’s add one more to the pile!


  • 5’11” - also great height for slapping

  • Ex marine - Has a high pain tolerance

  • Has been slapped more times than everyone else combined. What’s one more?