Sometimes you just need a little bit of guidance to pull something off. 

You feel confident in your abilities, but guidance is always needed. Well here we go!

Are you trying to do something special for your husband, wife, kids, or friends? Do you want to pull off a proposal that will make a lasting memory that will help for the rest of your life? Are you trying to create a big group treasure hunt challenge? Does your company need direction to pull off a spectacular publicity stunt? I can help!

Let me assist!

With consultation, we schedule multiple calls to build the outline and fill in the details of the day you’re trying to build. I’ll steer you away from possible pitfalls and give you gambits and techniques that I use to ensure you pull off something spectacular. I’ll also share and help fill out the Docs and Sheets I use to keep the adventure on track and make sure you’re aware of how much money you’re spending!


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