"What exactly do you do?"

These adventures are personally created and customized for your player. These are full service and I take care of everything. I will scout locations, restaurants, create puzzles, hire agents, etc. I can create the adventure with little direction or a lot of direction from you. I will run the day, hiding clues, organizing businesses, coordinating agents, creating challenges, and of course fun puzzles with twists and turns!

I want this day to be amazing for your player and no stress for you.

HOW long is an adventure? 

How long do you want it to be? In most cases I recommend a 4-6 hour adventure.  I've realized most adventurers get pretty tired. If we need to make it longer, I like to make sure there is some form of relaxation midway through. Bottom line is I can make them an hour long or days long. It's all up to you.

Can you make an adventure for my OCCASION?

Yes! I can make an adventure for any group and any occasion. Adventures can be simple "Go here and look here" to as complex as "you are now a secret agent and you must track down and defeat a counter operative." Our imagination is the only limit to what we can accomplish.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Nothing in life is perfect. That being said, there are a lot of pieces in play to ensure each adventure goes smoothly. The entire day has been broken down to the minute on a detailed spreadsheet. Before the start of the adventure, a GPS tracker is placed on the player to help monitor, and there are eyes on the player at almost every stop. If the adventure starts at 11 am and the proposal happens at 5pm, I’ll make sure they’re where you need them! Don’t believe me? Check out my testimonials page!

How do i get started?

Simply fill out the contact form and I will reach you via a call or email. Whichever you prefer. 

Where will you travel? 

I am based in San Diego, CA but I travel all over the world. 

I live in another state and don't have the budget for you to come out, can you build one remotely? 

The magic happens because someone is in the background running the show. In order for it to work, I need to be there to make sure it's perfect. Another note, google maps is not always accurate. For Adventure no. 8: The Treasure hunter, we were going to have a fountain in the middle of town be a large landmark for the adventure.  Once we arrived in person a week before to scout, we'd realized the fountain had been demolished and paved over. 

Bottom line, it's just not a Constructed Adventure unless I'm present. That being said, I do consult and can help you build an adventure of your own! I also have a few protégés around the country who could potentially build an adventure for you! don’t hesitate to reach out! If I can’t build something for you, I bet I can find someone who can!

How much does this cost? 

After a free phone consultation I send the client a written proposal which breaks down the entire budget and details. I like to  keep pricing very simple.

I charge a flat rate for myself and an adventure budget for all other costs. The flat rate is for me to build the adventure. . It pays for the weeks leading up as I build the adventure, the long hours spent hand writing or encoding clues, working with business owners, and polishing the adventure. 

The adventure budget covers how embellished you want the details to be. Do you want your adventure to be on a train? A cruise? A remote vacation spot? Would you like a private driver? A Helicopter? Do you want actors involved or would you like it simple? Your budget dictates the scope and scale.

If you want your player to stop at a shop or restaurant and be greeted at the door and ushered in to shop or eat, I cover the amount beforehand and charge you what was spent at cost. The client pays a deposit to reserve the date and the balance is due after the adventure is over. 

I never go over budget and the client is always aware of the total cost. 

HOW Far in advance should i book this?

I would recommend booking at least a few months in advance. I only run 2-3 adventures a month and tend to book out pretty far. I do have a spot or 2 left in 2019 and I’m booked out as far as May 2020.