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Here are interviews and stories about me, Constructed Adventures, and my passion for inspiring others to do something spectacular.

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"Opt Out Podcast"

February 2019

I got a chance to talk with Nate and Dana about my experience leaving the soul crushing corporate grind for a different life. Check it out! Hopefully I can inspire you to opt out as well!

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"You’re not getting any younger"

January 2019

I had a wonderful little conversation with the amazing Jen Glantz about adventure, making mistakes, and why people deserve spectacular things to happen in their lives.

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"CNBC Make it"

December 2018

I chatted with Sarah Burger from CNBC about the business side of life and turning a passion into a business!

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"Endless Thread"

November 2018

Want to know how it feels to be sent on a mini Constructed Adventure? Check out the endless thread podcast. They go on an adventure to find me and then we chat about life, creating fun, and what I stand for!

"How you Built that"

October 2017

Constructed Adventures was featured at the tail end of the Teach for America episode. This a quick five minute piece that came out right as I was quitting my full time job to pursue Constructed Adventures full time!

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San Diego Voyager Magazine

November 2017

This was a Q & A session I did with SD Voyager magazine that digs into some of my favorite details about starting the business!

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Hangin' with Matty D Podcast

February 2018

I sat down and had a Fantastic conversation with Local San Diego Legend Matty D. on his podcast.  We went really in depth with the ins and outs of starting a weird business in a new industry!

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Reddit AMA

February 2018

I woke up on February 7th (my birthday) and decided to do an AMA on reddit hoping to teach others to build adventures of their own (and to take the leap and start a business)

9 hours and 35,000 upvotes later, I answered as many questions as I could. I was as transparent as possible. Answering questions about when things went wrong and what I'd do if someone approached me with a massive budget!

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Hustle over entitlement

August 2018

I chatted with the wonderful Gabriella Ziccarelli and Camille Stewart to talk about my life and how it lead me to this incredible and ridiculous life I lead.

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Eliances Heros Radio Show

September 2018

I chatted with Christine “Glue” Leninger about favorite adventures, favorite places, and my path as an entrepreneur! Listen below!

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Once again, if you would you like to feature the Architect on your publication? Shoot me a message! I love chatting about entrepreneurialism and building adventures! Send an Email to with the subject "Interview."